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When there is a feeling of guilt … who is it that feels guilty?

When there is shame of any kind … who is it that has the shame?

When there is remorse … who is it that is in self-reproach?

When one feels unworthy … who is it that feels less-than?

These ideas parade through the mind and its emissaries - the emotions, constantly … some subtle repeating echoes, others shouting from the rooftops. Their influence on behaviour and communication is insidious and pervasive, tainting every experience in some way.

This is the single most important question one can ask: “Who am I?” It is NOT a question demanding an answer, which inevitably would come from the same false source as the agonizing thoughts - the mind. It is the question that invites Grace to shine this imitating identity ‘back’ into the SELF from where it came. For this, Self Inquiry is the simple and powerful instrument that unfailingly leads to Freedom.

"Self Discovery and Self Inquiry" A Handbook for the Pathless-Path to Freedom

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