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Who is it that is filled with fears, doubts and anxieties. This one who anticipates future events with great trepidation and laments those that have passed … who is this phantom most call ‘me’?

This ‘me’ with a name, an identity, a personality, and a location in the illusion of time and space seems so real, so tangible … so vulnerable. Who is this imposter clothed in every conceivable disguise from pauper to prince, from villain to hero who plays their parts so believably in the field of dreams – who is it?

When the pretender is ‘followed’ to its source this alien presence is NOT found to exist at all and only the ONE SELF YOU Really Are remains. For this, Self Inquiry/Surrender is the ‘direct route’.

Self Discovery and Self Inquiry: A Handbook for the Pathless-Path to Freedom

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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