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Who is this ‘I’ that is sought after in Self Inquiry?

It would seem the search is for the Real ‘I’ or ‘I AM’, but it isn’t. This is why an actual ‘answer’ to this consistent question while dreams still persist is not why it is being asked. If, for example the question is asked: “To whom does this emotional reaction to such in such arise?” … with the answer always being: “me”, followed by the final question: “Who am I?”, the purpose of this direct route to Freedom is to shine Light on ‘who you are NOT’. The false self [body-mind-personal identity] has been hiding in plain sight for eons as this ‘me’ and is rarely if ever questioned as who you are NOT. As a result, it has held total sway over your moment to moment experiences of what you [most] have called ‘reality’.

The Light compels it to recede back into the Real YOU or SELF from which it sprang. Eventually, it is no more [that is, the illusion of it dissolves] and the SELF … the only Reality, remains alone as Who YOU Really Are. This is ‘beyond’ easy but not simple in that you must be absolutely resolute in your consistency with the practice and that occurs only when you are Truly ready to be Free.

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