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WHO IS THIS 'you'?

John McIntosh

It is common to hear or read in spiritual communications: “You and your higher self”, “You and your ego”, “You and God” … it is also common to hear “You create your own reality”. Who is this ‘you’ that ‘has’ a higher self or a God? Who is this entity that has the power to create?

The ‘you’ that most call ‘me’ is an amalgam of expectations, attachments and identifications tied to memory and imagination then inserted into a body. It is made-up and has no reality whatsoever. It may be called the mind or the false self. It does not ‘have’ anything, nor does it ‘do’ anything real because it does not exist. Nothing that ‘changes’ is Real. The false self – through thought … ‘manifests’ its experiences like a movie, which come and go … it does NOT create. What manifests are dreams within the dream that it is.

The so-called higher self ‘is’ the only SELF there is … IT is God or ONE or I AM or Consciousness … there ‘is’ nothing else and it is ‘only’ ONE. This illusory ‘you’ loves to make-up all manner of spiritual fantasies and then tries to explain what they are and how they effect its life and claims that if understood, eventual freedom or liberation will result. And yet the only liberation there is, is ‘from’ this imaginary ‘you’.

None of this is Real, there ‘is’ no individual ‘you’ … but the phantom it ‘is’, is a major distraction from the simple Truth that you ‘are’ Now and have always been, which is Free – Self Realized. Attention on the simplicity of this shines Light on this Truth and Expands your Awareness ‘of’ it until the illusion of ‘you’ … dissolves.

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