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The false self ‘does’ nothing … it is a phantom, a made-up entity people refer to as who they are. The so-called ‘mechanism’ of surrender is really an acknowledgement of SELF ‘to’ IT SELF. That which is Really You, animating the dream world as the illusion of an individual human being ‘is’ the SELF disguised and slumbering beneath the masks of conditioning. This conditioned false-self-identity in and of itself has no reality and no real ‘life’ of its own and can therefore NOT surrender.

This false self ‘can’ involuntarily and temporarily drop its masked-identity, and this allows the Light of Truth to ‘re-unite’ with ITs hidden or sleeping God-SELF. When this Light ‘touches’ ITs hidden counterpart … Awakening is occurring. This is like a subtle but intense ‘essence’ blazing through a ‘chink in the armor’ of illusion, which ‘widens’ until the sleeping God-SELF eventually emerges Free of all masks.

The surrender is a natural occurrence when these ‘openings’ happen, and usually occurs initially through exhaustion caused by suffering. Later, the ‘opening-surrender’ from the imprisoned God-SELF happens due to ITs ‘YES” to ‘What Is’, which is ITs ongoing ‘response’ as IT Awakens from the Grand Dream IT is remembering has just been an illusion.

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