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“Why am I here or why was I born”… is a common question at some point in most people’s lives. The answer is simple but can only be really understood when you raise your Awareness above the belief that you are an individual person … you are NOT.

There is only ONE. All religions, philosophies and major belief systems allude to this in some way before they are filtered through and tainted by the conditioning of those who follow them. ONE is always ONE often called God, the SELF, I AM or the God-SELF in the individuated state [while still ONE]. ONE is also Emptiness, Silence or Nothing-ness but also ALL THAT IS in potential. In order to experience, taste and savor IT SELF it must ‘appear’ to divide IT SELF into numberless forms, one of which is the human body-mind-identity. It does this by projecting the belief in ‘separation’ onto the blank screen of Consciousness that IT ‘is’. Separation splits this ray of Light into infinite pieces.

Since ONE is always ONE this can only be accomplished as an illusion also known as maya, leela or the grand dream. Within this dream, ‘time and space’ emanate from separation and from there – and endless field of opposites; dark and light, day and night, male and female, etc., which enables contrast to occur and in turn to manifest universe(s) and all that is contained within them. For every high there will be an equal low, which may be referred to as good and evil [remembering this is only a dream and that neither actually exist].

ONE immerses ITs Consciousness in this dream and temporarily [eons in clock time] forgets Who IT Really Is in order to fully savor the experience. The seduction of the dream is so great that if ONE did not create a crumb-trail ‘out of’ it, IT would be forever lost ‘in’ it. That crumb-trail is called ‘suffering’, which eventually becomes so intense due to the continuous roller coaster of highs and lows that the Sleeping Beauty IT is yearns for what some have called ‘salvation’. IT has never been ‘lost’ and, in Reality does not need ‘saving’, but IT ‘dreams’ that IT lost. When the suffering is greater than the desire to experience the delights of the dream, the crumb-trail becomes increasingly illuminated and the sleeping ONE turns inward and returns HOME to full Conscious Awareness of Who It Really Is. This is Who You Are, and this return is occurring massively throughout humanity Now and is the reason the world is in chaos, since what was ‘full’ of separated imbalance is being ‘emptied so that Truth can re-enter Conscious Awareness.

-with thanks to Lara Compton for requesting this article

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