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“Why do we have to suffer?” This is one of the most frequently asked questions while one still slumbers in the dream of separation. The suffering itself is a ‘self-fulfilling prophesy’, the result of resisting ‘What Is’. Pain is inevitable while the SELF You Are occupies a body … but suffering occurs when one tries to ‘control’ circumstances, which have unfolded as an exact reflection of the conditioning the body came in with. The conditioning [attachments, expectations and identifications tied to memory and imagination] defines who you ‘believe’ you are and is the ‘precise’ architectural design for your predestined experience.

To become ‘Aware’ that this conditioning does NOT define Who You Really Are as the One SELF, requires a ‘jolt’ to shake you free from the iron grip of the illusion that binds you to the dream manifested ‘by’ your conditioning. ‘Usually’, this begins through suffering oriented to ‘stilling the mind’ through the restriction of activities as you focus ‘on’ the suffering. Later, when you have begun to Awaken through the ‘turn inward’ that these episodes foster, suffering is often replaced by a series of epiphanies [satoris or AHA’s], which expand your Awareness of Truth.

Without suffering [Divine Discontent] you would dream forever … it has been your ‘blessed friend’ for eons.

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