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-The body-mind is a made-up entity, which seems to ‘form around’ the Conscious Awareness YOU ‘are’, that ‘is’ IT SELF – always Pure

-The ‘body-mind’ is subject to ‘karma’, but YOU are NOT

-Experiences are therefore ‘predestined’ but do NOT affect YOU

-The body-mind ‘reacts to’ and ‘identifies with’ the endless swings of pleasure and pain within its experiences forming a ‘character’ called a person

-The person is sculpted from these reactive identifications and forms ‘attachments, expectations and identities’ [conditioning], which in turn form the ‘ever-changing’ personality ‘of’ the person

-This conditioned personality continually generates more karma [whether good or bad is ‘irrelevant’], which keeps the cycle of ‘predestination’ going

-As Consciousness ‘identifies’ with the body-mind-identity IT forgets Who IT ‘is’ and wanders in this illusionary dream world returning again and again through ‘reincarnation’

-The world/universe the body-mind seems to live within is a ‘projection’ from the mind on the screen of Consciousness … an exact ‘duplicate’ of its conditioning. It is literally a constantly shifting ‘mirror of’ the body-mind-identity

-Karma, reincarnation, the world/universe and the body-mind-identity are therefore ‘illusionary constructs’, shackles worn by the hypnotized Conscious Awareness YOU ‘are’

-Breaking this identification FREE, Conscious Awareness [also known as God or ONE]

involves dis-identification with the illusions which ‘seem’ to surround IT

-The direct route to this dis-identification is ‘Self Inquiry’ [which is NOW - NOT time bound] … either through ‘Who Am I’ Attention or through complete and total ‘Surrender’ [or both]

‘LIFE’ -The Descent from and Ascent to the Awareness of Who You Really Are

-by John McIntosh

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