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No matter what one seems to ‘will’ within their own unique dream, the Divine Purpose that flows through it WILL unfold. Every moment is fore-ordained and whatever appearance it may have, it always leads the slumbering God-SELF Home to IT SELF. The tapestry may look vast, confused and chaotic but each thread is inextricably intertwined with your Freedom.

ONE ‘appears’ as many in the Grand Dream, including the body-mind-identity you may call ‘me’ … but this adventure into fantasy does not alter in any way this single Consciousness that YOU Really Are. You seem to have ‘free will’ but you do not … that is part of the forgetful state of the dream-false-self that is unconsciously following a predestined path based on the conditioning it came into with. Each inspiration to so-called ‘create’ new dreams ‘within’ your sojourn into illusions arises ‘out-of’ that conditioning, which ‘compels’ you this way or that.

Freedom is your only Real choice and even that is NOT a choice since IT is your only Real destination … without distance. The great swath of events and apparent happenstances of what you call reality are all pre-cut puzzle pieces that you are simply putting into place … ultimately to reveal the ONE Presence YOU Are.

Take Heart in this Truth … failure is NOT a possibility in the great adventure the SELF has taken to Know and experience IT SELF.

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