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What’ever’ happens in the dream … the dream called this world-universe … the dream called your body-mind-identity, with ALL its oh-so-important ‘stories’ … what’ever’ happens – is an illusion – not real – made-up. ALL of it dissolves completely every time you fall into deep sleep and is ‘re-assembled’ on awakening.

The current narrative is very, very dark … far darker than most have any concept of, but are about to learn. The tension in this world-dream-scenario is the highest it has ever been in anyone’s experience. Multitudes are suffering like never before and for the deepest sleepers, it looks like there is no hope.

This is a repeating cycle that SHIFTS from patriarchal to relative balance to matriarchal to relative balance again – on and on … ‘IN the dream’. Until you KNOW Who YOU Really Are, these cycles continue. Currently, the cycle is moving quickly into another ‘relative balance’ phase that to the false self will seem like peace, but Real Peace is beyond the comprehension of the mind [the false self]. It is a Happy Dream that many will embrace and settle for … but for some few, it is an enormous opportunity to very quickly return to the full and Real Awareness of the ONE SELF they Are.

That window of opportunity lies open to all as the SHIFT unfolds.

-image by Solveig Larsen

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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