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Anything which validates this world as real … no matter how beautiful, is a trick to keep you in bondage. What ‘appears’ is ‘never’ real since it comes and goes and what has a ‘date-stamp’ is an illusion. The entire universe and all that is within it is NOT real … seeming real ‘within’ the Real, which is YOU as Consciousness. Every experience is ‘within’ YOU. If you fly from here to there, you are NOT ‘in’ the plane going somewhere … the plane is within YOU, as is the experience of flying and the destination along with every bump of turbulence and exquisite sunset or sunrise you experience along the way … ALL ‘within’ YOU.

This persistent belief that what seems to be happening is ‘out there’ … is seductive and ancient [in clock time]. There ‘is’ only NOW within YOU and all that seems to be is ONE unbroken tapestry. It is your focus on the threads that keeps the dream of time and space and movement flowing as your reality. If you step back from the stage of life and look only at the tapestry in totality … ONE-ness soon becomes a natural aspect of your experience. Freedom ‘can’ arise in an instant when that occurs.

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