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Updated: Aug 10, 2019


Karma cannot be worked off?

Karma ‘is’ conditioning, which can be colored and molded into different conditioning or balanced through conditioning which is in opposition to it [so called good and bad karma], but there is no spiritual or mental gymnastics that can work it off … it still exists. Because conditioning can be changed it is an aspect of time and space, which in turn is an aspect of separation. That which is changeable and bound by time and space is an illusion because only Truth or the ‘Real’ is unalterable having no beginning or ending. This is a Divine Dichotomy … it exists, and yet it is an illusion.

That which is not real can be ‘transformed’ back into the nothingness from which it sprang through Self Discovery, which exposes it through the mirror of one’s world. However, anything which is NOT real, which includes the entire Grand Dream world/universe that manifested as a result of conditioning and the belief in separation is most simply dissolved by realizing Who You Really Are, and for that Self Inquiry is the direct route, which allows you to step off the wheel of karma altogether.

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