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The planet [which is part of the grand dream], is ‘always’ precisely where it is supposed to be for the highest good of humanity. With every thought the collective mind has the dream is being sculpted and tweaked aligning exactly with what will bring the collective false self to its knees. Nothing about it is somehow ‘out-of-order’.

The God-SELF uses the collective karmic patterns [which are also an illusion] to shape the ideal vessel to ‘massage’ the tight, stubborn muscles of limitation into a frequency that leads the sleeping aspect of IT SELF Home. Suffering and the resistance, fear and anger it engenders, is always the first instrument of surrender, eventually leading to the ‘free’ surrender, which hands ‘everything’ over to Truth. The chaos, conflict and destruction permeating the planet and its resources at the moment is a literal duplication of the constantly changing blueprint designed by the combined ‘conditioning’ of every sleeping God-SELF, both incarnate as well as from the long past.

This energetic manifestation cannot be somehow ‘fixed’ through aggressive activism, persuasive forecasts of impending doom or even a globally collective political will. What shows up will ‘always reflect’ what is hidden within and eventually bring the wandering God-SELF to the brink of disaster in order to turn IT ‘within’ … the only place-less place where Real Change can be brought about. The few who have said YES to ‘What Is’ are, on some level of Awareness already flowing with Truth and recognize the benign nature of the unsettling appearances playing out everywhere.

It is “the worst of times [but definitely] the best of times” the world has ever experienced as humanity moves ever more swiftly toward a mass Awakening.

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