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The planetary dream is ‘Always’ precisely where it is supposed to be for the highest good of the slumbering God-SELF. With every thought the mind has, the dream is being sculpted and tweaked, aligning exactly with what will bring the false self to its knees. Nothing about it is somehow ‘out-of-order’.

What manifests cannot somehow be ‘fixed’ through aggression, persuasion or any clever activity borne within the mind. What shows up will ‘always reflect’ what is hidden within and eventually bring the wandering God-SELF to the edge of endurance in order to turn IT ‘within’ … the only place-less place where Real Change can be brought about. The few who have said YES to ‘What Is’ are already flowing with Truth and are Aware [to some degree], that the unsettling appearances playing out everywhere, are indeed - benign. It is “the worst of times [but definitely] the best of times” the world has ever experienced as humanity moves ever more swiftly into an age of Peace and Light.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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