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The world-dream at this moment seems upside-down with no sense of so-called ‘normal’ appearing anywhere. Friends and family are turned against each other as they disagree with how the day to day ‘new’ should play out. Many are being driven to despair, while others are simply angry and combative. Denial describes those who refuse to question ‘anything’ that may cause them to be ostracized by society, and

everywhere … there is great fear.

Such is the condition of the stage of dreams when one phase [the collapsing dysfunctional patriarchy in this case] SHIFTS into the next [an Age of Peace and Light] … “the worst of times and the best of times”.

None of this is ‘real’ despite many proclaiming a great Awakening. It ‘is’ an Awakening from one dream into another, but still - a dream, not the ascension many claim it to be. Ascension or Self Realization is beyond dreams and recognizes that the dream is a projection on the screen of Consciousness [the ONE SELF], the Freedom YOU ‘are’. Most of humanity [those who remain], will simply make a SHIFT to a happier and lighter dream while some few will choose the deeper-dive into Truth where all sense of a personal and individual identity must dissolve.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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