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There is nothing in the grand dream that is NOT You. This is not some ‘connection’ … that suggests separated parts being strung together somehow. ALL THAT IS, ‘is’, YOU.

Every grain of sand ‘seems’ separated but knows every mountain intimately. Every tree stands alone and yet communicates with every tree on the planet. Every breeze, every breath from every creature is part of every hurricane. The rotting log in a hidden forest knows every death that ever seemed to be. YOU are NOT connected … YOU are ONE ‘unbroken seamlessness’ pretending there is a distance from here to there. The worst enemy you have ever imagined is a thread in the great tapestry of YOU. Consciousness knows only ONE, is Aware of IT SELF only, has no concept of separation and sees ‘All That Is’ as ONE.

These apparent divisions allow for the possibility of endless stories, dramas, conflicts and challenges to solve and balance. It is the great ‘play’ of opposites invented by the ‘great’ ONE YOU Are … so great that IT has succeeded in fooling IT SELF for eons [of clock time] that IT is a tiny meaningless speck of dust in an unimaginably vast universe. What a wonderful and exquisite deception to play within. Play on if you choose … or join the me that is YOU in the Conscious Awareness of the ONE YOU Are.

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