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It is common to hear that the Divine dwells within you … but this suggests that what is ‘infinite’ can be ‘contained’ somehow. Who is this ‘you’ that is being spoken of? Is it the body, the mind or the personality? None of these is real and cannot therefore ‘confine’ what is boundless. The YOU that is Divine is Consciousness … there ‘is’ no-where that IT/YOU is NOT. The ‘you’ that ‘seems’ finite is a projection you have believed in that appears on the blank screen of nothing-ness that Consciousness ‘is’. This illusory projection has consigned YOU to a tiny spark of Divinity that you somehow hold somewhere ‘within’ the illusion of a person. None of this is True.

Consciousness is indivisible and IT is the Real YOU. YOU ‘are’ the Divine, all encompassing – ONE, dreaming you are a fragment in which … maybe … hopefully, there is some degree of Truth or God … this is the illusion. YOU are ALL in ALL, lacking nothing, complete, requiring nothing. There is nowhere to look for this, your only need is to BE IT. But ‘how’, is the ever-present question the dreamer asks.

Simply place your undivided Attention on IT/YOU/I AM and your Awareness ‘of’ IT will EXPAND until there is nothing that does not appear as YOU.

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