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The SELF, like the sun … is ever-Present but often obscured by clouds. You, the Real YOU is the ‘sun’ [the ONE SELF] and YOU are never NOT the SELF. The clouds represent the conditioning that obscures this constant Awareness [attachments, expectations and identifications tied to memory (past) and imagination (future)].

When you hear about Silence as the path to Freedom [by any name], it is NOT about the absence of noise … its about the absence of ‘you’ – this false identity [false self] most call ‘me’, which is painted on the canvas of the dream world ‘by’ conditioning. It is the absence ‘of’ this false self that ‘is’ Freedom IT SELF because the clouds obscuring the SELF are gone.

For the SELF to be fully and constantly ‘aware’ of IT SELF … to experience Freedom seamlessly – ‘you’ must disappear. It is losing ‘all’ to regain ALL.

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