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In your unique world there is no one more important than you. This does not mean you are being ‘selfish’ as the mind describes it. Placing your ‘prioritized’ ATTENTION on your own Freedom is the last thing the body-mind-identity wants because its false position will then end. When your Attention is Truly focused first and foremost on you, it is drawing the Presence of your True SELF more and more into your experience. It is YOU expanding YOUR awareness of YOU.

When the Real YOU guides your Life experience the full radiance of Truth emanates throughout your entire world touching and influencing everything which in turn ‘sparks’ the Truth to Expand within it. This Truth is also YOU or the ONE SELF YOU Are that animates every projected manifestation. Nothing the body-mind-identity does in the name of Love and service has even the tiniest influence that is NOT ‘tainted’ by its conditioning. Although this Intention ‘does’ draw it nearer the Truth, it is a very, very slow expansion of Truth compared to your full Attention being focused on Freeing the Real YOU from the bondage of the false self.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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