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To the false-self-identity, to state that ‘YOU ARE GOD’ is at the very least blasphemous and delusional. The simplicity that ONE [another name for God] is ‘always’ ONE, completely escapes the false self as is evidenced in virtually ‘all’ spiritual texts, dialogues and teachings. This singular Reality lies ‘hidden in plain sight’ in most sacred writings shrouded in erroneous translations, misinterpretations and intentional re-writes designed to ‘control’ humanity by the few who have seemingly held the keys to Truth.

When genuine recognition of the Truth dawns upon one, the clouds of conditioning [attachments, expectations and identifications tied to memory and imagination], that have hidden the ever-Present existence of this ONE-SELF YOU Are, momentarily dissolve and the slumbering God-SELF ‘immediately’ becomes Conscious … ‘temporarily’ re-merging with IT’s fully Awake counterpart [never having actually been apart]. However, for this AHA moment of Awareness to persist, conditioning [personhood] must totally dissolve.

This Awareness is always available to ‘all’ in each NOW moment … only a ‘thought’ believes it must take enormous effort over eons to ‘achieve’. YOU ‘are’ this God-SELF ‘now’ and have never NOT been IT.

“YOU ARE GOD” – by John McIntosh, in soft cover and eBook formats

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