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The false self craves ‘new’ information:

“Oh, I’ve heard that before, that’s not new, I know all about that, tell me something new.” … it will say.

The ONE SELF You Are does not change … IT is Who You Are and you have simply forgotten. There ‘is’ nothing else. The ‘ways and means’ to arrive at this ‘destination without distance’ are myriad and the false self, who seeks but never finds [since that would mean its demise], constantly looks for some new ‘distractive’ practice, discipline or guidance to keep Awareness of the illusion it is as far from the slumbering God-SELF as possible.

This is why ‘WHO AM I’ is the Key to Freedom. It shines light on ‘who you are NOT’ causing it [the body-mind-identity called ‘me’] to withdraw back into the SELF and dissolve. What is left is what has always been there – YOU – the ONE SELF.

Personal note: I point to this over and over again in everything I write or speak about but its always the same pointing. I never offer anything ‘new’.

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