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-You are not your memories, desires or hopes

-You are not your anxieties, sorrow or fears

-You are not your remorse, guilt or shame

-You are not the ugliness you perceive and judge

-You are not your thoughts, nor what they ‘seem’ to create

-You are not your body, mind or emotions

You are not your attachments, expectations or identities

All these things and many more rise and fall, wave after wave, unique as snowflakes, here for a season, brief or seemingly eternal yet appearing then dissolving.

Nothing ‘real’ comes and goes.

That which comes and goes are toys in your playground, there for your enjoyment but not to hold onto. You alone ‘are’. There ‘is’ only ONE of You/Us and everything you can experience abides ‘within You’ as a projection on the screen of consciousness.

There is nothing else but YOU and yet you are ‘nothing’, empty, manifesting dreams to experience SELF through. It is your attachment to these dreams that causes your suffering … nothing else.

Attention on YOU or ONE … call it God or I AM or what you will, withdraws attention on these ephemeral dreams until only ONE is known as REAL. At first you will waffle back and forth between these seductive temporary appearances and ONE but be not disturbed … the echoes of your ancient dreams WILL fade as you fix your gaze steadily on WHO You Really ARE … as your Grandeur and Beauty undresses before your expanding Awareness.

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