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Unworthiness is the taproot of all conditioning with guilt, shame and remorse its main offshoots. Beneath the conditioning of attachments, expectations and identifications which define the false-self-identity most call ‘me’, these roots color all experience with a simmering ‘feeling’ of being somehow ‘broken’. This leads to feelings of being ‘less-than’ and ‘limited’ and no matter how clever the masks are that the false self wears to hide these dysfunctional feelings, they exist as long as you believe you are a separate individual ‘person’.

However, the Real YOU is Perfect, ONE – All That IS, and lacks nothing in any way.

It is easy to recognize the constant attention you give to this phantom false self by how often during any given day you refer to ‘I’. In most cases it is the most frequently used word in all communication and is usually followed by some reference to one’s conditioning: “I am this or that”, “I have this or that”, I feel this or that”, “I do this or that”, “I expect or am hoping for this or that”, “I believe this or that” and more. None of this refers in any way to the Real YOU but is the disguise you have believed in and which most are convinced is who they are.

By simply asking frequently: “Who am I?” this imposter is quickly exposed and when exposed can shake the foundation of your world. The realization that you are NOT this faker can shock you and make you feel like you are ‘losing’ your mind, which is exactly the point. The mind is the seat of the false self and losing it as your ‘identity’ leaves you ‘empty’. When that occurs, you can be certain your Freedom is not far behind.

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