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Everywhere you search is ‘within’ the projection your mind has produced. There is no memory of making it up and that is also part of its illusionary influence. Finding Peace, finding Truth, finding your Real SELF cannot be ‘done’ within this projection because what You Are … what Really ‘is’, has no distance and is not missing. It is in this very act of ‘looking’ that this Awareness is kept from you. What seems to be missing [because you buy into the stories within the projection], always suggests a ‘quest to find’ and a quest always involves time and distance [space], which is the definition of separation … and separation is an illusion.

However, to ask, “Who am I?” with no expectations, will soon register an answer from the only place-less place where it can be derived – the Real YOU. When you keep focused on this question and the answer that comes, you WILL realize that YOU are NOT missing. This Awareness ‘expands’ the experience of YOU as the influence of the projection dissolves.

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