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“You are the universe” is a common spiritual saying, however what has a ‘beginning and an ending’ is NOT ‘real’ … from a soap bubble to a universe. The universe and all that ‘seems’ to occupy it is a projection on the screen of consciousness – an illusion.

YOU are ‘before’ even Consciousness, which is an instrument through which the ONE SELF YOU Really Are ‘knows’ IT SELF … ITs ‘infinite ‘ALL THERE IS’ potential within Nothing-ness or Emptiness. It is spiritual sentimentality that attempts to expand awareness by ‘confining’ you to ‘stardust’.

YOU – the Real YOU [SELF] cannot be seen as a thing that comes and goes and yet in every moment YOU ‘are’ experiencing YOU … ‘YOU are ‘not’ missing’ and cannot be ‘found’ – only remembered as Who YOU have always been. The Awareness of the SELF YOU Are [which is Awareness ‘of’ Awareness] is simpler than simple but NOT while you continue to search for IT ‘out there’ … where IT is NOT.

Simply remain OPEN and what ‘seems’ hidden will be revealed.

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