If you are one of the majority, in the many spiritual communities, that is trying to improve, grow, ascend, evolve and in general work towards this one called ‘me’ [body-mind-identity] becoming the SELF … then you are fostering the ‘primary’ illusion of separation, which is the foundational-idea that ONE is ‘not’ ONE.

There ‘is’ no personal-individual-self [you] that, if they follow the endless practices and gymnastic disciplines of one or more gurus or masters, can bring this illusory entity to a state of Self Realization. The SELF [in Self Realization] ‘is’ the ONLY Reality and ALL else is a dream. What ‘seems’ to block this Realization ‘of’ the SELF to IT SELF ‘is’ this dream.

This illusory [you] must dissolve [die] for that so-called block to be removed from the Awareness ‘of’ the SELF to IT SELF. All else is a dog chasing its tail.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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"THE AFTERMATH" - by John McIntosh

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