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There is nothing to ‘fix’ … not in your own life, humanity’s or the world itself. Nothing is out of order. Can a dream be somehow wrong? It comes in brilliant Light or shadowed darkness but remains ‘only’ a dream. Your body, your mind, your life experience … is all a dream. It is not wrong, and you are NOT wrong … you are simply dreaming. No matter how you tweak your dream [try to fix yourself and the world], it is still just a dream.

When you have had every dream experience [several times], as if you had watched every movie ever produced, the allure will have faded and the mind that projected each dream-experience will also have dissolved along with the person you call you. This point of saturation arises for everyone [who are also aspects of the grand dream] … ‘YOU’ are the only ONE there is despite enormous evidence to the contrary.

As these words are written, it is YOU who writes them. Even ‘surrender’ is NOT a choice but an inevitable aspect of the dream that tells you dream stories about ‘free will and control’. You ‘are’ God or ONE or Pure Conscious Awareness – NOW … the dream you dream cannot change that. There ‘is’ no possibility of you being somehow ‘left out’ of this eventual Awareness.

When you at last become fully Aware of this single Truth, your sojourn within the dream will become softer, gentler and you will begin to see God ‘in’ and ‘as’ everything. Resistance will dwindle to ‘What Is’ and the Moment of full Awakening to Who You Really Are will ‘rush’ to greet you with the Love that IT ‘is’.

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