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You are the space in which everything that seems to BE flickers into a manifested state you can experience, taste and savor. It is another name for the ‘blank screen’ of Consciousness on which the dream of this world is projected. Space allows for the illusion of a holographic universe complete with time, dimension and distance. If you let your Attention see Life this way, it becomes easy to see it as ONE ‘and’ YOU. Words like I AM, and God may be used but space is generically sufficient without the many meanings associated with other names. The space is the same whether there is a structure or a person or a passing parade or nothing … it is always there in abundance or emptiness. The glamor of the illusion may be absent from experience and yet reappear in any moment.

When you experience your SELF in this way … ‘nothing’ sticks and without attachment or identification the sorrows … the highs and the lows cannot ‘touch’ the Peace, the Freedom, the Joy you ‘are’. You may begin by imagining yourself inside a giant sphere, then dissolving the wall of this circle so that there is nothing but boundless space. Then add the universe and all that’s in it including the temporary body you are wearing and see if you don’t ‘feel’ unattached as the creator of this momentary illusion.

It is the space … the nothingness that you ‘are’. ‘IT’ is Reality and becomes ALL THAT IS in a blink just like a night-time dream without any starting point. This is the simplicity ‘and’ the grandeur of YOU.

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