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John McIntosh

When you are ‘Aware’ you have always been Self Realized [since it is your ever-present Reality] … IT will have no significance, nor will it be ‘known’ at all. All labels constructed by the sleeping God-SELF You Are – dissolve, along with their many meanings. The concept of ‘problems’ also disappears since there is no attachment to consequences … What IS, simply IS. The many reactions emanating from ‘fear’ no longer have life – Peace, in all circumstances IS. Concepts such as sympathy and pity have also faded into nothing-ness because the belief in victim-hood has departed along with separation. These have been replaced with an all-encompassing compassion for those who still suffer in the world of dreams.

While the state of Pure Conscious Awareness may often seem passive and indifferent, that one knows that everything playing on the screen of consciousness ‘is’ ONE ‘as’ them and the Peace, Joy and Love they Are experiences no separation. The vast contrasts apparent throughout humanity, the world and the universe have melted into the seamless essence of Beauty to the one who is Aware of Truth. Nor can the endless swirling chaos of drama within the dream touch the one who sees the Infinite Harmony in diversity.


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