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It is a very popular belief, heavily promoted by mind-oriented belief systems that “You become what you think about” … this is an illusion since the Real ‘YOU’ is the SELF [God – Consciousness – ONE] … Who does NOT change in any way. ONE is ‘nothing … emptiness’. It is the projected dream upon the screen of Consciousness that constantly shifts and alters and bends according to what thoughts are ‘printed out’ from the false self’s conditioning [attachments, expectations and identifications tied to memory and imagination].

The false self uses many ‘catchy’ words and phrases that sound wise to keep you imprisoned in the limitation of personhood. The false self is a made-up entity, fabricated out of conditioning, flowing through thought, which then manifests the mind. None of it is real but its appearance is very convincing due to the consistent ‘attention’ placed upon it. Indeed, if thought changes, the construct of this phantom most belief is ‘me’ also changes … but its ‘not’ YOU. To say it is … is to foster it as your reality.

When you give your Attention [NOT thought] to the SELF YOU Really Are, IT expands in your Awareness … just as illusions do with the same attention. The SELF cannot be ‘thought’ into reality … IT ‘is’ already the ‘only’ Reality. IT can only be remembered by removing the clouds of conditioning that hide the sun that IT is. To remove these clouds is to simply remove attention ‘from’ them.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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