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A person misses their bus and arrives late to work to find their office building destroyed by fire. Another person rushes to the grocery store to take advantage of a sale and finds the item sold out. Days later they hear of a massive food poisoning outbreak from that same product. Still another person is involved in a car accident on the way to their wedding. Their fiancé perishes and they lie in a coma for a few years. After awakening and while recovering they become involved with a caregiver who later becomes their spouse.

No matter what intentions, no matter how meticulous they may be pursued, everything is ‘predestined’ [based on the conditioning you came into the dream-world with]. And ALL experiences in one’s destiny are somehow oriented to the return HOME to the full Awareness of Who YOU Really Are. This Freedom is not reached through the mind, which in itself, is a fabrication ‘of’ that conditioning. IT is not ‘reached’ at all since IT has not gone anywhere … IT is ever-Present.

The mind or false self ‘is’ the veil that seems to cloak HOME from Awareness and it is the demise of this ‘personal identity’ that removes that veil. All of Life is an orchestration of that removal.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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