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When at first one touches into the inner world and feels the warmth of Truth radiating from the core of their Being, there is [in most cases] an immediate ‘urge’ to share it with others [they do not yet know that there ‘are’ no others]. With this first ‘blush of the rose’ of Real Freedom their life experience is still totally dictated by their unique conditioning [expectations, attachments, identifications tied to memory and imagination]. This conditioning defines and makes-up the false-self-body-mind-identity they have called and believed to be ‘me’.

This false identity acts as a ‘filter’ for every thought, word and deed, which colors this new-found desire to ‘save’ the world in some way. All manner of cults, aggressive activist groups, fundamentalists and fanatical movements have this ‘grain of truth’ mixed with the eons-old [in the illusion of time] programmed delusions of the false self. Of course, there are also many who simply have well-meant intentions.

It is deemed selfish by the false self to keep these ‘tiny dots of Light’ to one’s self and so attention is taken ‘from’ this source of Truth ‘inside’ and placed ‘out there’ to the realm of dreams and illusions. This is the meaning of “the blind leading the blind”. Placing your undivided attention on ‘your own Freedom’ first is the greatest gift you can offer the world of dreams since one fully Awakened to the God They Really Are radiates more Light of Truth than countless millions of well-meaning sleepers who have received a ‘nudge’ of awakening.

First, focus on YOU … you WILL be shown what ‘work’ [so-called] you are to do ‘out there’ … if any, when you have returned to the Freedom You Are. Nevertheless, if you are driven to ‘do’ something … remain ‘totally’ OPEN and guidance will come that is genuine.

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