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In order for the SELF [ONE – Consciousness – God – the Real YOU] to taste, savor and play with IT SELF … IT must ‘fool’ IT SELF into believing what does NOT exist – does. This requires full emersion into a self-delusion where everything, everyone and every being ‘appears’ separate. This illusion is then given ‘Attention’, which gives it a dream-like life. Within this miasma of infinite illusions there is a rising and falling of hierarchies born out of the opposites that arise within the delusion of separation … ‘have’s and have nots’, and from this the concept of ‘victims’ and perpetrators is produced.

For a season, this is accepted as ‘just the way things are’. Then … as the pendulum of time [another dream] swings in another direction [space – another dream], these apparent ‘injustices’ are exposed [as is happening in The Great Shift now occurring] and the hapless herd of deep dreamers rebel, point fingers at, castigate and attack its manipulating captors. ‘This’ … is the very Attention [mistakenly regarded in the dream as ‘awakening’] that keeps the dream playing on into another and another dream. The passionate ‘reactions’ to the dramatic stories the dream manifests ‘insures’ their ‘expansion’.

Some few recognize that they are simply ‘fooling’ themselves and turn within where the belief in separation eventually dissolves and the recognition that the Grand Dream has always been ‘just a projection’, in which they ‘played EVERY part’. Such is the Nature of True Awakening and Freedom.


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