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Updated: Dec 9, 2023



For most in spiritual communities, the Grand Dream is a casual belief ... if that. When it becomes a 'knowing', there is a subtle [but it can be a profound AHA] experience of stepping off the stage and into the front rows of the cinema. There is still much conditioning-baggage, but it soon becomes clear that that conditioning is NOT Who They Really Are and the sole Purpose of being In the dream [to awaken fully to the ONE SELF They Really Are] becomes their primary focus.

This focus allows one to navigate around all the 'have-to's' that are imposed upon them by religions and spiritual belief systems. For example, the concept of 'letting go' of things. For most this is a process of 'resistance', which actually serves to EXPAND the experience due to the high level of attention being paid to letting go of this or that. When one is firmly sitting in the theater seat watching the dream/movie play out ... they still see these issues but gradually become UN-ATTACHED to them ... and this is the state of witnessing that dissolves the stress of ‘participating’ in the dream AS IF it is real.

If you consider that a movie script is often 'fluid' as it is being made and that the script writer is actually 'writing' some or all of it as this process goes on ... it becomes easier to realize that everything in the movie can be changed and ANYTHING is possible [can be made up]. If the audience is sufficiently enthralled by these INVENTIONS, then their PARTICIPATION 'IN' the movie becomes palpable ... they actually become a part OF the movie. This is exactly what is happening in the Grand Dream the world-universe is. They have come to believe that they ‘are’ the body-mind-identity [actor] and that the story-line is REAL. But when the story begins to unravel ... as the dream is rapidly doing now, there is much confusion as to what is true and what is not true.

The point is ‘NONE’ OF IT IS TRUE ... it’s a dream. That is why it is such a blessing when one really GETS that the dream IS a dream. Whatever you are hearing about or reading in the script of the dream - is NOT Real ... no matter how it plays out. YOU Are the ONE SELF, and everything that 'comes and goes' within the dream is UN-REAL.

YOU have been dreaming - WAKE UP.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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