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High sounding stories of pride, honour and respect … low sounding stories of greed, selfishness and despicable agendas … stories, just stories in the endless narratives of endless dreams. The pendulum of separation swings fully from the greatest heights of glory to the lowest dungeons of darkness and briefly meet at the still-point of Silence where dreams end and Truth is known.

The ONE SELF experiences them all, tasting the wild ride of the roller coaster of happiness and sorrow. In ITs dreaming state it suffers the most profound depths of agony and savors the zeniths of bliss. In ITs fully awakened state IT observes from the balcony [Pure Awareness] the play of dreams, aloof but with compassion … IN the Grand Dream, but not OF it.

YOU ‘are’ the ONE SELF … there ‘is’ nothing else. Play and dream or Awaken and watch, it matters not. YOU have eternity to be FREE.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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