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‘I’ is perhaps the most referenced word in any language and almost exclusively pertains to something that does NOT exist. It is this mysterious entity called ‘me’, a made-up phantom [body-mind-identity], which holds a status beyond all else. It is the most pervasive illusion that exists and through ‘thought’, brings all that ‘seems’ to be [the universal dream] into temporary manifestation.

During deep sleep this infinite ‘script’ closes its pages only to return when thought-memory (past) ‘reconstructs’ this holographic illusion on awakening into the daytime dream most call reality. This roller coaster existence between the endless opposites contained within the belief in separation is a dog chasing its tail – never to succeed in some kind of balance called peace.

For this merry-go-round to end and genuine Peace to become apparent as the ever-Present Real YOU [the ONE SELF] … this ‘me’ must disappear. Nothing is more terrifying to it than the idea of being ‘nothing’ – NOT existing … and yet the dissolution of this tyrannical imitator IS the one thing that brings about the Awareness of What was never missing – the REAL YOU – the ONE SELF.

YOU ARE GOD: It's Time To Shine

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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