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When the false self hears ‘you need do nothing’, its reaction is often severe. ‘How can I exist if I do nothing?’ This may seem reasonable, but it is a misunderstanding. Obviously, the body needs to move and perform certain basic activities at the very least. ‘Doing nothing’ has to do with the thinking processes the mind performs as it reacts to life such as, planning, scheming, worrying, judging, analyzing and filling itself with more and more information … most of it oriented to the past or future.

When you are in Silence [meaning ‘Awareness’, not necessarily quiet] with your Attention on the Real SELF, which may be called Truth or Love or Freedom or Beauty or Joy] … the so called ‘doing’ required surfaces naturally ‘out of’ this focus. The body takes care of the body when left to the Real SELF, which is Pure Conscious Awareness, orchestrating not just all the biological functions but also ‘all’ activities within the Grand Dream in which it seems to exist. This means the personal identity [the false self] is out of the way and ‘Life is Living Life’. It is from this Stillness or Silent Awareness that everything arises out of nothing-ness spontaneously … and this ‘can’ mean - Massive Activity, ‘or’ simply being Empty and Open allowing the Light of Truth to flow without resistance.

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