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You are not going crazy but you are losing your mind. The ‘split’ mind [false self] shows up ‘as a result of’ thought, which most take for granted is necessary and normal. Thought [as opposed to Conscious Awareness] shows up due to the belief in separation, which in turn is required to make the ONE SELF ‘appear’ as ‘many’. Thinking then … ‘manifests’ [not creates] the infinite dream of ‘many’ including the one you call ‘me’. “You become what you (think) about” means you think the ONE SELF You Really Are into limitless illusions called ‘many’.

This is ‘fun’ for eons until its NOT and the feeling of ‘craziness’ shows up as frustration that ‘unbroken’ Peace, Love and Joy is NOT possible in the dream. You ‘can’ be IN the dream but to experience ‘Reality’ you must be Free OF it. This requires that you ‘lose your mind’ or the illusion of a personal individual identity.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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