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One’s ‘beliefs’, and the degree of ‘attention and passion’ they give them … are the architects of the world they manifest and experience. The world-universe will ‘validate’ for each one, around every corner, what they believe is true thereby fostering and perpetuating the loop of dreams one calls reality.

For one, their experience is the only one and nothing lies beyond so-called death. For another reincarnation awaits them when they pass on to a so-called ‘other side’ … and so, their day-to-day experience will confirm [at least for them], these beliefs.

A bright new tomorrow or a bleak existence is the movie playing at every turn. A depressing future or one filled with hope plays out flawlessly like a script written by some divine entity. An angry god whose wrath one dare not tempt, or a loving and forgiving higher source that guides and protects. The endless archives of so-called wise ones that have gone before seem to sanction one’s most cherished beliefs.

And yet … none of it prevails in the face of Truth, which does not change and is ever-Present. IT is Empty-Nothing-ness with infinite potential, waiting patiently for the “thinking that makes ‘it’ [the dream] so”. IT paints endless phantom canvasses with the pristine accuracy of beliefs made real [the reality that only exists as dreams]. And in the end, where time has no meaning, IT returns to the ‘thought-less’ state where dreams dissolve and Freedom IS.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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