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The universe is a dream … not a dream ‘you’ as an individual person is having but a dream the ONE SELF is having [the person is ‘part of’ the dream]. YOU ‘are’ the ONE SELF – there ‘is’ NOTHING ELSE … but IT/YOU ‘appear’ as an infinite number of possibilities within the dream including the temporary body-mind-identity YOU are currently ‘wearing’.

YOUR dream is unique with several aspects of it shared by so-called ‘others’. Nevertheless, there ‘are’ no others – only ONE SELF appearing in this Grand Dream like infinite fingers attached to one hand. The specific conditioning [attachments, expectations and identifications] of YOUR individual ‘person’, is a filter through which the manifestation of your ‘unique’ dream manifests. It is one of the myriad of ways the ONE SELF can ‘know’ IT SELF since in ITs pristine Natural state IT/YOU is Empty-Nothingness with in finite potential.

Whatever ‘shows up’ in your dream ‘is’ an illusion as long as it has a beginning and an ending. Every belief you have will ‘project’ an ‘experience’ that matches that belief, colored by your conditioning. None of it is real. Only that which is ‘infinite’ is Real, such as LOVE [unconditioned] and JOY [not to be confused with happiness which is the opposite of sorrow on an ever-swinging pendulum]. These are other names for the ONE SELF – Who YOU Really ‘Are’ – not what you ‘have’.

Currently, there is a massive SHIFT in the Grand Dream where a multitude of ‘surreal’ experiences are possible due to the ‘lifting’ of ‘part of’ the veil of illusions that constitute the Grand Dream. Many are calling this ‘Awakening’, but that too is an illusion. It is simply trading one dream for another … this time a ‘Happier Dream’. True Awakening is experienced when the ONE SELF is remembered in an unbroken stream. Some know this as: Existence, Awareness and Bliss but it is even beyond this.

Embrace this SHIFT as many opportunities exist within it to expand your Awareness into this KNOWING.

-image by Solveig Larsen

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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