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LIGHT is another word for the SELF or Consciousness. The word Light is thrown around often in spiritual circles but in Truth is ‘only’ the ONE SELF.

YOU, ‘as’ Light are ONE ‘as’ All That Is … not ONE ‘with’ anything since to be ‘with’ anything is to be separate ‘from’ it and that is not possible in Reality … only in the illusion of the false self’s world/universe. The false self cannot ‘so-called’ give its Light to anyone since it is a fiction, an illusion made up of conditioning. To say: “I give you my Light or I send you my Light” is also a fiction since this is simply speaking about ‘good intentions’ [as well meaning as that is] as a projection but NOT the Light that is the SELF.

This is why your ‘only’ Purpose is to ‘realize’ Who YOU Really Are … this changes everything. To become Aware of the Self Realized state [which has never NOT been] … automatically extends [not projects, which is again separation] but extends IT SELF [the Light YOU Are] to IT SELF. This is why to the one who is Aware of Who They Really Are … their world is beautiful - they ‘see’ Truly because they are AWARE that GOD/YOU ‘are’ All That Is - no matter ‘how’ it shows up.

-image by Solveig Larsen


HOW SUFFERING LEADS TO FREEDOM” - The Transition out of Deep Sleep to Liberation - by John McIntosh

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