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Your only Real choice in your moment to moment experience, is to NOT react to WHAT IS … which is the same as saying YES to WHAT IS and is the closest thing you have to the illusion of free will.

What this says is that you are NOT attached to WHAT IS, you have NO expectations of WHAT IS and you do NOT identify with WHAT IS. This is your True state – EMPTY, where the projected world dream does not ‘capture’ your attention ‘tying’ you ‘to’ it. That is the bondage humanity has experienced since it fell beneath the consciousness Awareness of the ONE SELF IT ‘is’.

Everything in your unique world dream is predestined based on the conditioning you came into it with, and your non-reactive ‘witnessing’ frees you ‘from’ its grasp allowing Truth to flow … the Truth YOU Are. Reality cannot be known to you as long as Awareness is connected to this illusion.

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