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The same meTTchanism for manifesting your world also opens the Truth beneath this ever-changing illusion. When your persistent focused ‘Attention’ is on an ‘Intention’, together with ‘Passion’ … that Intention [goal, target, objective] WILL come into your experience. These illusory holographic projections occur through the ‘filter’ of your unique ‘conditioning’ [attachments, expectations and identifications] … and this conditioning ‘colors’ the outcome. For example, the conditioning of ‘unworthiness’ taints one’s ability to ‘enjoy’ the outcome.

Ultimately, as this coloring and tainting tendency continues to frustrate one’s ability to experience ‘seamless’ Joy with the world they are manifesting, ‘Attention’ shifts toward the ‘elimination’ of this conditioning. This is the ‘turn inward’. When the removal of this conditioning becomes your ‘all-consuming’ Intention, Attention and Passion, these clouds that obscure the ever-Present Joy You Are [the ONE SELF], is revealed as your True Reality.

-image by Solveig Larsen

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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