While you dream [believe you are a person, separated from everything else in the universe], your dream-world-experience is unique. The conditioning that defines and manifests the body-mind-identity made up of attachments, expectations and identities tied to memory and imagination ‘constructs’ your unique dream from the moment you re-enter a body. It is then added to and subtracted from according to the shifts in your beliefs, which constantly color this conditioning. Your unique dream will include many things and experiences that other dreamer have, but ‘many’ they do not share.

For example, if you believe that natural medicine is better than drugs, your experience will reflect that. If you believe that aliens seeded the planet, your experience will support this in innumerable ways. If you believe that being a vegetarian is the only way to live, once again you will find proof of this everywhere. Your beliefs may include a very strict set of moral values tied to a specific religious system that proclaims, ‘there is no other way’. Further, you may believe that Liberation from the limited physical experience to what you may call ‘ascension’ takes many lifetimes and a ridged set of disciplines and practices … and, for you, again that will be your experience.

The SELF – Who You Really Are, has no beliefs of an