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The concept that ‘you create your own world’ is widely accepted, especially in the Self Development/Improvement industry. However, as the false-self-body-mind-identity … you ‘create’ nothing since this entity does NOT have any REAL existence. This false self temporarily ‘manifests’ through mind-thought what it ‘believes’ is true and places ‘focused attention’ on [but what is Real is NOT temporary]. This brings a ‘unique world’ into being as an imaginary and transient experience.

If this false self believes that aliens ‘seeded’ the origins of the planet, then the evidence to validate this will show up everywhere. If it believes some separated higher being [God] created the universe/world in a few clock days … then again, the proof to justify this belief will appear everywhere. Whatever is believed in and focused on ‘becomes’ your unique world. It is a totally personal dream-experience. Only the SELF [Consciousness - ONE] exists and is the ‘only’ Reality.

This false self and its unique world is a projection on the screen of Consciousness and constantly ‘morphs’ into dream after dream. When the SELF, who also occupies each and every dream, ‘slumbering’ under the thick blanket of beliefs the false self has, becomes … ‘as’ the false self IT ‘appears’ to be, satiated with these endless dreams … IT also becomes ‘restless’ to return to FULL Conscious Awareness of ITs True identity. THIS is what is rapidly Expanding within the Grand Dream Now.


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