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When prayer uses Gratitude as its way of communicating … ‘surrender’ is involved and that hands ‘outcomes’ over to Source [the SELF].

Most prayer, no matter how well meaning … involves ‘desired’ outcomes and this means attachment [conditioning] is involved. It is ALWAYS the false self that makes these kinds of ‘appeals’ to the SELF [God] for certain kinds of ‘results’ and usually there is … at the very least, an ‘essence’ of ‘bargaining and even begging’ involved.

A prayer that says, for example: “Thank you Great Spirit - I AM [indicating you are addressing your Real SELF] that the Perfect outcome for this situation is already done” … indicates that you are aware that ALL is ‘predestined’ and that you are ‘unattached’ to whatever that is. This can be ‘incredibly difficult’ for the false self, who it intricately tied up in the Grand Dream and how each story/drama plays out … depending on how much conditioning still clings to its illusory identity. It ‘does’ however show you clearly ‘where’ conditioning is still veiling the Truth of Who You Really Are.


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06 dic 2020

you wrote: "...ALL is ‘predestined’ and that you are ‘unattached’ to whatever that is." The Self can also cite, as receptive and reflective: Both, K(No)w and Yes, and then Yes ! Einstein recognized that the laws of physics had to appear the same for all observers, stating that observation (itself) is independent of absolute spacetime. As such, when a new incoming pattern is created, it is compared to already existing patterns, initiating recognition. Here, complexity theory can be modeled as an expanding number of quantum mechanical observational measuring systems that are only relatively autonomous as they are all connected by a common observer. Everything in this model of 'reality' is resolved by adopting the 0-D point as the original Riemannian point-element…

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