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There is a vast difference between belief and ‘knowing’. There is no end to the beliefs the mind [false self] has. Every aspect of the Grand Dream it calls reality requires some kind of theory. These beliefs often ‘collide’ requiring a new ‘compromise’ belief to ‘bridge’ the gap. All these beliefs are archived together with the accumulated learning since one’s first breath and becomes an anxious blend requiring guidance from so called experts whose own beliefs are added to the chaotic mixture. The false self lives constantly in this simmering muddle of uncertainty and angst, never sure which way to turn and always second guessing itself.

Nevertheless, this endless doubt encourages the eventual ‘release of ‘all’ beliefs in favor of ‘emptiness’ where True Knowing resides. Whatever brings you to the state of being ‘fed up, exhausted and satiated’ with your life experience is a blessing that opens Awareness to the ‘humility’ of ‘not knowing’ … the open door to ‘in-the-moment’ Knowing. This open-handed Freedom allows you to eventually relax and become ‘unattached’ to outcomes. It is the fringe of the ‘Peace that passes understanding’.

Embrace your frustration with life, it is the catalyst to the Freedom YOU Are.

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03 de jan. de 2020

Here's a recently published interview about my work by my physics collaborator of four years Dr. James E. Beichler.…/Solo_Interview_by_Jim.pdf

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