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That feeling of anxiety – is NOT you.

That elation of winning – is NOT you.

That embarrassment – is NOT you.

That pride – is NOT you.

That lack of confidence or abundance of it – is NOT you.

That … that endless that – is NOT you.

These are scenes on the great stage played out by the body-mind-identity. They are emanations radiating from the conditioning that seems to define you. NONE of it is Real. Trying to get-rid-of this gives it the Life Force of your Attention and that guarantees it will ‘expand’.

Recognize these phantoms when they arise. Feel them to the depths when they show up. Embrace them as aspects of All That Is … but let go of the belief that they define YOU in any way. The Real YOU cannot be framed by the definitions of passing disguises. The Real YOU cannot be confined by definitions because a frame cannot be placed around infinity.

You can recognize the Real YOU reflected in Beauty [not the transient kind], in Peace that cannot be disturbed, by the presence of the Freedom You Are that exists even in the deepest, darkest bondage the body-mind can experience. The Real YOU is Pure Conscious Awareness, on which ‘All That Is’ is experienced as flickering images that come and go. The Real YOU is God by any name. The Real YOU is ONE, indivisible without another. YOU Are this I AM Presence, the NOW beyond time that is Aware of IT SELF. If you place Attention on the Real YOU – your experience of the Real YOU ‘will’ Expand.

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Aug 29, 2019

This blog is especially loving and beautiful to this one John, thanks to the YOU that We Are. Would you agree that it is the actuality of 'our' absence that gives rise to the essence of 'our' presence? as in,

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